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Tallahassee, FL


Childhood - A Florida native, Ecinja hails form a family with talents in Art and Music. Art in her home was a constant flow of images on canvas, paper to images on walls.

Formal Training- A self taught artist from her youth later received formal training and has obtain a BFA.

No Boundaries the Process- Through various color influence and genre, her work has no boundaries and encourages viewers to use their own experiences and stories for self interpretations.

Genre- Landscape, Stills, Nature, People, Urban scapes, Seascapes,

Statement: The beauty of planet Earth is every changing, and so, I enjoy capturing the beauty of world through the elements of color in my paintings, and art. For me, seeing is the way I feel, and my art making invite others to share that experience.


Glory Morn by Ecinja Art Works


Blooming Black-Eyed Susan by Ecinja


Morning Dew Black-Eyed Susans by Ecinja


Sunflower Morn by Ecinja Art Works


Sunflowers of The East by Ecinja Art Works


Magnolias Among The Moss by Ecinja Art Works


New Beginnings by Ecinja Art Works


Pink Rose Scape by Ecinja Art Works


Untouchable Rose by Ecinja Art Works


Purple Monach Landing by Ecinja Art Works


Skyline Over Mobile by Ecinja Art Works